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Da Silva Babinet, Alexandra-4922m_edited.png

Da Silva Babinet

Alexandra did a Master's degree at Université Paris Cité in France. She got interested in molecular biology and she decided to better understand the cellular and molecular mechanism involved in human pathology.
In 2023 she joined the SamLab as a Research Assistant to maintain and take care of our zebrafish strains, and also support collaborative and team projects. 

“I joined the SamLab for the team's great expertise in neurological rare diseases (and the beautiful view in the lab). There I can contribute to the early stages of new ambitious projects and share knowledge with my labmates.” 

Aside from the lab Alexandra enjoy spending time with friends and eating GOOD cheese.

          Favorite word: Quoique
          Favorite quote: "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new". Albert Einstein

          Favorite dish: Homemade Lasagna
          Favorite lab experiment: All kind of PCR

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