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Fanny graduated with a bachelor's in analytical biology at Université de Tours in France. She became interested in the brain's mystery and decided to move to Canada to continue her studies in neurosciences and learn more about brain diseases.
In 2022, she joined the SamLab as a master's student to work on the functional investigation of rfc1 loss of function in vivo.

“I joined the SamLab for its expertise in rare diseases but also the good working atmosphere. I can strengthen my knowledge there and feel useful in the research progress.” 

Aside from the lab Fanny enjoys sport, but above all eating and laughing.

          Favorite word: Lunch time?
         Favorite quote: "Ce qu’un homme ne sait pas ou ce dont il n’a aucune idée, se cache dans la nuit comme dans le labyrinthe de l’esprit"; Goethe
         Favorite dish: Anything with chocolate
         Favorite lab experiment: Everything except in situ

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